Martial Arts Curriculum - Adults

Our young academy students receive focused technical skill development in a supportive and structured group environment. Here they learn life-long skills such as discipline, self-confidence, develop a positive attitude and strong self esteem. We promote our academy values as well as those of our affiliated international federations ensuring our Heroes proudly represent our academy and community on a local to international stage. Each student is clear on their grading progress track so they own their development and learning to move up the belting system with confidence.

Brazilian Jiujitsu - Adults

Kids curriculum-based Brazilian Jiujitsu Program with belt progression, from white to green. Ages 7 to 14 years old.

Boxing and Kickboxing - Adults

Kids curriculum-based Boxing and Kick Boxing Program. Boxing progression is awarded through competition assessment. Kick Boxing progression from white to green. Ages 7 to 14 years old.

Anti Bullying Program (Coming soon) - Adults

This 4-week program teaches kids how to asses a situation of bullying, and handle confrontation without aggression. When push comes to shove, our kids are able physically to defend and stand up for themselves. Open to all school ages.