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About Us

Who we are

Vaughn Donayre has professional experience in Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Holding a black belt in Kick Boxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu. With 17 years coaching experience, 10 years have been spent coaching kids with 6 of those years in UAE.

Deena Donayre is a professional coach and highly experienced at working with kids. Holding a blue belt in Kick Boxing delivers training for women and kids of all ages.

We expect our members to be ‘Heroes’ whereby we reinforce and uphold our core principles of:

Each of us brings a unique gift to the academy. We believe in sharing, supporting and learning from our successes & failures to achieve our fullest potential.

We believe that our capacity to learn has no limit. We encourage our Heroes to push boundaries because the learning never stops.

We never give up. We recover stronger after a setback, learning valuable lessons. Heroes have grit and the ability to meet life head on!

Our cornerstone valuing diversity and differences. We believe in consideration and treating each other equally and fairly.